Ensure your house of worship has an updated emergency plan.   Local churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques are often able to reach community members who may be hard to find.  Preparing in advance by having a communication plan, support teams, training and a clear disaster mission will help reduce the stress and confusion that often sets in after a major disaster.  Your place of worship can encourage their member families to prepare and be part of relief operations by adopting a disaster mission and training parishioners.

Decide how your place of worship will respond in a major disaster and provide training to your worship community to help carry out your plans.

  • Identify potential hazards and threats
  • Prepare your buildings for a disaster
  • Plan for building evacuations
  • Train staff in disaster readiness and response
  • Prepare to help your congregation after a disaster
  • Prepare to help other members of your community
  • Set up telephone calling trees
  • Appoint leaders to groups of members to keep the church informed of needs

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Quick Tip: Emergency Network of Los Angeles

For more information on preparedness and a template disaster plan for faith-based organizations, please visit the website for the Emergency Network Los Angeles.

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