Dogs, cats and other small animals

Animals are part of your family. Whether you are away from home for a day or a week, you’ll need essential supplies for your pets.  Keep items in an accessible place and store them in sturdy containers that can be carried easily (duffel bags, covered trash containers, etc.).  Keep non-expired medications and food ready at all times.

Be Sure All Your Pets are Clearly Identified

  • Be sure all dogs and cats are wearing collars with securely fastened current identification.
  • Attach the telephone phone number and address of your temporary shelter to their collar.
  • If you have not identified a temporary shelter, include the name and numbers of a friend or relative well outside the impacted area.
  • Identification microchips are highly recommended for all pets – and required for dogs in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.  Contact Animal Care & Control (562) 728-4882 or your vet for more information.

A small dog sits next to a first-aid kit.

Quick Tip: Track Your Pets

Register your pet’s microchip and keep the phone number of the data carrier with your important evacuation papers.

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