Partnering with your Neighbors to be Ready

A great way to stay ready for disasters is to create and participate in a neighborhood network for disaster response.  The County of Los Angeles’ 5-Step Neighborhood Action Kit is a free resource that can help you and your neighbors get organized and ready to act after a disaster, when professional responders are not immediately available to help.

To learn more about how to help get your neighborhood disaster-ready, download the 5-Step Neighborhood Action Kit by clicking on the links below.

For more information, or to request for a speaker from Los Angeles County’s Office of Emergency Management to come speak to a neighborhood group, please email oem@ceooem.lacounty.gov or call (323) 980-2260.

Quick Tip: Thinking of Starting a Neighborhood Disaster Network? Make sure your planning steps include the following:

  • Start with Personal Safety
  • Embrace the Whole Community
  • Assign responsibilities to everyone according to willingness and ability
  • Designate common meeting places
  • Include a way to care for children, the elderly, people with mobility challenges disabilities
  • Keep household pets safe and calm
  • Activate phone trees or other communication plans
  • Include home-to-home hazard surveys

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