When disaster and/or an emergency strikes our first instinct is to reach out to our family and friends to make sure they are safe.  A household communication plan is part of a family emergency plan and should include important contact information for members of your household and out-of-state contacts.  Be sure to record names, phone numbers, email address and other information that your household will need to stay connected and informed.

Important information to include in your family’s communication plan may be schools, medical facilities, local service providers, babysitters/caregivers and extended family members. Also make note of contact information for:

  • Hospitals nearby to your home, work or school
  • Family doctors
  • Pharmacies
  • Schools or employers
  • Religious or spiritual care providers

Quick Tip: Stress During Disasters

Disasters are stressful events, and in times of stress it can be difficult to remember phone numbers and other important information. Write down phone numbers for yourself and others in your household and carry them with you.

A family prepares an emergency plan.
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